Abortion Facts-Thinking about an abortion


I am thinking about getting an abortion. What should I do?

Abortion Options at Dr Dolo Women Clinic. If you are considering an abortion, you should contact your GP or Pregnancy termination clinic as soon as possible.

Women in South Africa may terminate their pregnancy, for example, if they have an unwanted pregnancy or for medical reasons. Under the law, an abortion may be performed up to the time when the foetus is viable outside the mother’s body. This is generally taken to mean the 24th week of the pregnancy.

Getting help with the decision

If you are not sure whether you should get the termination, or if you want more information, you should contact your GP or Dr Dolo Women clinic. You can also get advice from the social worker.

Mandatory wait time

The law imposes a mandatory five-day wait time so you can think carefully about your decision. The mandatory wait time begins after your first visit to your GP or Dr Dolo Women clinic, to discuss the termination. If you decide to go through with the termination, the doctor performing the procedure must be satisfied that your decision is voluntary and well-considered.

If your menstrual period is less than 17 days overdue, the five-day wait time does not apply.

Termination at a clinic or licensed hospital

You can only have an abortion at a clinic or hospital licensed to perform Terminations. You can contact the abortion clinic yourself. Or you can ask your GP to refer you to an abortion clinic or hospital.

Getting help after Termination

If you feel that you need help coming to terms with the termination, you can receive counselling. This can be arranged by your social worker. Your GP can also refer you to a counsellor. Contact Dr Dolo Women Clinic For more information

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