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Due to recent changes in the Services, we are now able to offer medical abortion pills by post for remote medical abortion in the comfort of your own home.

Suitable to pregnancies under 24 weeks, you’ll be seen by one of our experienced and sympathetic consultants via phone consultation and your medication will be sent to you in the post for your convenience.

Delivery of the pills is carried out by a reputable third party courier. Please allow up to 3 working days to receive the pills. And same-day delivery by the Nearby cities and towns.

During your phone consultation, you will be connected to one of our experienced consultants via telephone. Our consultants are always neutral and empathetic to your requests and will support you with your decision whenever possible.

Your consultant will discuss with you the reasons for your request, make an assessment of the duration of your pregnancy and will enquire about your health. They will then advise if medical abortion by post is the best option for you.

In certain circumstances, for example, where there is doubt about your menstrual date, duration of pregnancy or period regularity, you may be required to attend the clinic for an ultrasound scan or have this locally if you don’t live within reasonable travelling distance of The Gynae Centre.

Once your treatment has been approved and your consultant is happy for you to proceed, they will clearly explain to you step by step how to take the medications, how soon the miscarriage process will take place and everything you need to know about aftercare. They will also discuss with you the common side effects of the pills and possible complications. Your consultant will provide you with their mobile phone number in case of emergencies or aftercare. You will also have support from The Gynae Centre team via the clinic phone number and over email 24/7.

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