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Safe Abortion

Safe Abortion at Dr. Lolo Women Clinic in Johannesburg, We offer safe and quick abortion services at a low affordable price.

Every woman has the right to safe abortion. Dr. Dolo Women Care is committed to expanding access to safe and effective abortion methods. Find out more about safe abortion methods below.

What is Safe Abortion? (Medical And Surgical Abortion) 

 While the choice of abortion method should be based on what is best for you, the important thing is to make sure you choose a safe method 

 The safe methods, as recognized by the World Health Organization, are listed below: 

 Medical abortion – up to 9 weeks of gestation 

Surgical abortion (Vacuum aspiration) – up to 12 weeks to 14 weeks of gestational age 

  • Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) 
  • Electric vacuum aspiration (EVA) Dilation

Does surgical abortion hurt?

Most women feel cramping during and after the abortion, similar to strong period cramps. But your doctors and nurses will make the procedure as comfortable as possible with pain relief and numbing medications.

Will I be able to get pregnant afterward?

Yes. Having an abortion doesn’t affect your ability to get pregnant again in the future; you can actually become pregnant again in the months right after your abortion. If you do not want to become pregnant, remember to use contraception

on and Evacuation past 12 to 14 weeks uses a combination of medication and instruments to safely evacuate the uterus.

Will I be able to have sex again?

Of course! You will be able to have sex as soon as you feel ready. Your healthcare provider may recommend waiting until vaginal bleeding stops to reduce the risk of infection. It is also a good idea to use contraception if you want to avoid pregnancy, as you might be fertile again right after your abortion.

Do I need contraception when abortion is available?

While there is nothing wrong with having an abortion, using a contraceptive is usually simpler, less costly, and gives you more control of your life. Another consideration is to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


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