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At Dr Dolo Women Clinic in Johannesburg. We offer safe and quick abortion services. Both Medical (Abortion Pills) and Surgical options (in Clinic Abortion). Our highly skilled staff are trained to assist you with all your medical needs in other words. Because our providers are dedicated to serving women’s medical needs and offer a full range of health services. Therefore Contact us for more information

For instance, you have missed your periods, pregnant and want to terminate, you can rely on us. We provide safe, confidential and private abortion services. 

Dr Dolo Women’s Abortion Clinic is the best place to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. At our clinic, you’ll receive the highest level of care and treatment from an experienced medical team. Our centres are conveniently located and fully authorized to provide abortions in South Africa. We provide same-day abortion services.

In South Africa, the termination of pregnancy Act 1996 allows an expectant mother to terminate the pregnancy. However through safe and cost-effective termination. Our friendly, experienced and supportive team of clinical experts have been helping women and young adults lead happier healthier sexual lives.

We only use better methods and safely tested pills which is Directed by our medical professionals ensuring that your termination is quick and safe.

Our main target is to prevent infant mortality, unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion, We make sure that all our clients emotional and physical needs are met.


How do you get the Abortion Pills, can you get them from a clinic and can you take them at home?

Abortion Pills

Previously, women who wanted to terminate a pregnancy had to take two tablets at a medical centre with the consent of two doctors. But a landmark move changed the law.

What is an abortion pill?

The first part is (M), which works by blocking the hormone progesterone.

Once blocked, the uterus lining breaks down and the pregnancy cannot continue.

The second pill, called (M) is inserted into the vagina and makes the womb contract. Therefore this engenders cramping and bleeding about two hours later.

We offer At-Home Abortion Pills

Eligible clients will be able to take both pills for medical abortion(Abortion Pills) for up to 16 weeks in their own homes, without attending a clinic.

What to expect during treatment

medical abortion uses medication to end a pregnancy. The treatment involves taking two types of medicine at two different times. It is the safest treatment option for up to 16 weeks of pregnancy for most people.

Some clients may need to take the two types of medicine at the same time; if this applies to you, the nurse will discuss this with you during the appointment.

Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion is a safe and simple procedure used to end a pregnancy.

The pregnancy is removed vaginally by an experienced doctor using a suction method.

We offer surgical abortions up to 23 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy. The type of surgical abortion procedure we offer you will depend on how many weeks you have been pregnant and your medical history.

What is a surgical abortion?

A surgical abortion involves removing the pregnancy through the vagina using a suction method.

We offer surgical abortion as a day treatment in our clinics. The procedure for a surgical abortion can differ depending on your gestation (how many weeks pregnant you are), and so the amount of time you will spend in the clinic will be different too.

Therefore we can offer the procedure with or without an anaesthetic. We’ll discuss your choice with you at your consultation, and talk to you about pain relief we can give to make things more comfortable.

Is it safe to have an abortion?

Termination of pregnancy (medical and surgical) is very safe. Provided it is accomplished by expert clinicians in appropriate facilities.

Surgical termination of pregnancy is performed up to 20 weeks at Dr Dolo Abortion Clinic, although between 12-15 weeks you will need to stay with us for 4-5 hrs, rather than the normal 2 hrs. For pregnancies between 15-20 weeks, it becomes for instance a 1-day procedure.

Medical termination is performed by assessment of you in the clinic, administration of tablets. Miscarriage ensues, involving pain and bleeding (like a heavy period) at home. You do not have any anaesthetic or surgical procedure.

Recovering from an abortion

Recovery depends on whether you have a surgical procedure or take tablets (medical termination).

So Immediately after the surgical procedure you will have some minor cramps and bleeding, but these settle quickly. When you are feeling ok, you can leave the clinic.

You can go back to work the day after a surgical procedure if you feel ok, both physically and emotionally. But Women often find it helpful to resume their normal life as soon as possible and put the procedure behind them.

However, it is you who has to make the call. This is hard because you are the one shouldering the burden of physical and emotional impact.

Safe Abortion Clinic

Abortion Clinic

Safe Abortion

We believe that everyone has the right to choose whether and when to have children. we offer after morning pills, contraceptive pills & pregnancy termination pills. Come in to your nearest Dr. Lolo Women’s Abortion Clinic. We talk about your options or to find out more about family planning options and our safe abortion services.

Abortion Clinic

How long does abortion procedure take?

Some women may begin to bleed immediately after digesting the abortion pill in the medical rooms. Even so you must use it as instructed. Most women find it stressful or emotionally difficult to be in our medical rooms and wish to complete the process in the comfort of their homes.

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